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The types and characteristics of silicone potting sealant

Silicone potting sealant can be divided into two kinds: condensation two-component potting sealant and molding two-component potting sealant. The proportion of condensation potting sealant is 10:1, which needs to be cured at room temperature.And the proportion of the forming potting sealant is 1:1, which can be cured at room temperature or heated.Let's analyze the respective characteristics of the two types of silicone potting sealant:
Features of condensation type potting sealant:
1, good adhesion, good liquidity, with this is 10:1, the ratio of requirements are more accurate.
2, the curing process shrinkage rate is small, with excellent waterproof, moisture-proof performance.
3, room temperature curing, natural effusion is good, easy to operate.
4, heat conduction and flame retardant performance is not as good as adding formed silicone potting sealant.
The characteristics of molding potting sealant:
1, after the glue curing colloid aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, non-toxic and pollution-free, high insulation, easy to repair.
2. The cured colloid has high and low temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity, excellent flame retardant performance, good shockproof and shock absorption effect.
3, glue curing process without by-products, pollutants, no contraction, no stress generation.
4. The glue curing method can be cured at room temperature or heated, and the curing time can be flexibly operated.
5. The ratio of glue and glue is 1:1, and the matching conditions are loose and convenient.Excellent waterproof effect after glue curing.
6. The shelf life of molding silicone potting sealant is long, and it can be used within one year.
Silicone potting sealant has a wide range of applications, such as potting and sealing of power electronic components with flame retardant and thermal conductivity requirements, as well as high voltage potting of components.Potting and sealing of power battery of new energy electric vehicle, waterproof power supply, thermal conduction potting and sealing of lightning protection mold, and potting and sealing of HID;Potting and sealing of heating electronic components under working conditions, such as converters, inverters, sensors, electronic control units, etc.Precision machinery parts, instrument and meter parts of shock protection, small electrical appliance potting protection;High temperature resistance, heat conduction and flame retardant sealing of small household appliances and household appliances control panels.
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