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Yaoneng corporate culture

Our vision: to become an excellent electronic adhesive products and comprehensive solutions provider.

Our values: people-oriented, respect for the social and natural environment, abide by business ethics.

Our mission: to create maximum value for customers, employees, shareholders and society.

Our philosophy: learning, gratitude, integrity, hardship

Learning: learning is through, general change, endless learning.Team learning ability is the source of innovation, is the enterprise sustainable growth of this.

Thanksgiving: thank the society, thank the family, less a complaint, more a sincere.Be grateful, the world is full of sunshine.

Honesty: do what you say, do what you say, do what you say.Honesty is the biggest brand of an enterprise.

Concern: the safety, excellence for survival, otherwise the competition will eliminate us.

Our spirit: team spirit, innovative spirit, professional dedication

Team spirit: communication, interaction, cooperation to achieve system effect, internal "square" principle, external "round" strategy, "square, round" degree, intelligent.

Innovation spirit: innovation is the soul of enterprise development, mechanism, system, management innovation, every post has the innovation space.

Dedication: work with your heart, devote yourself to success.