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A brief introduction to the common construction methods of conformal coating

Conformal coating, also known as circuit board conformal coating, three anti-glue, insulating paint, coating glue, coating glue, moisture-proof oil, generic film coating, coating coating, electronic coating materials, etc., is an English name of conformal coating.Three anti paint is a single component of room temperature curing, heating curing, UV curing transparent or translucent adhesives, with low viscosity, high transparency, excellent insulation performance, high and low temperature resistance, easy to use and so on.Three anti paint is mainly applied to all kinds of assembled electronic circuit board surface coating, coating role, to provide protection for circuit board, so that the circuit board to moisture-proof, anti-fouling, anti-salt spray, insulation and other anti protection, in order to improve product performance, stability, safety and service life role.It can also be used for shallow layer sealing and filling of electronic products.

Conformal coating often used four kinds of construction process introduction:

1, brush coating: common use, the use of wool brush coating, can produce a better coating effect on the smooth board.

2, spraying: the use of spray can products can be easily applied to maintenance and small-scale production use, spray gun is suitable for the production of large scale touch, these two spraying methods for the accuracy of the operation of higher requirements, and may produce shadow (the lower part of the components are not covered with three anti paint).

3, dip coating: dip coating can ensure that the paint is completely coated, and will not cause material waste caused by excessive spraying.

4, selective coating: coating is accurate and does not waste materials, suitable for large quantities of film, but the coating equipment has higher requirements.It is most suitable for mass laminating.Use a prepared XY table to reduce masking.When painting PCB board, there are many connectors that cannot be coated.The glue paper is too slow and there are too many residual glue when tearing. It can be considered to press the shape, size and position of the connector to make a combined type cover and locate it with the installation hole.Cover areas that do not need to be painted.To improve production efficiency.

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