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The application method and precautions of silicone potting sealant

Silicone potting sealant can be divided into two kinds: condensation two-component potting sealant and molding two-component potting sealant. The proportion of condensation potting sealant is 10:1, which needs to be cured at room temperature.And the proportion of the forming potting sealant is 1:1, which can be cured at room temperature or heated.Yoneng Company will explain and analyze the use methods and precautions of silicone potting and sealing. For the potting adhesive purchased, we should first look at the packaging label of the product, understand the production date, shelf life and storage conditions of the potting adhesive, and then use silicone potting adhesive according to the required methods and specifications.Before mixing, Yaoneng Company suggests that component A and component B should be fully stirred, because the thermal conductive materials in the glue may sink after storage. After mixing, the thermal conductivity and mixing effect will be more excellent.

Use according to the amount required, according to the weight ratio A:B= (100:100 or 100:10) with the use.When mixing, please add glue material and stir evenly. After defoaming (vacuum or standing), pouring and sealing can be carried out.Before sealing, please clean the surface of the components, such as dust, oil, water and other impurities, and keep it dry.

Ventilation and personal protection should be strengthened in the production process. Open fire is strictly prohibited and fire sources and heat sources should be kept away.Handle lightly, cover the package in time, and clean the used tools and equipment in time to prepare for the next use.In use, the potting sealant should not be in contact with compounds containing nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus and metal organic acids, otherwise the sealant cannot be cured or cured incompletely.The operation time of potting adhesive is related to the curing time and temperature. The higher the temperature, the shorter the operation time.The test of all parameters should be carried out at least 3 days after the glue is completely cured, when the relevant values reach a stable value.For more data and information, please consult Shenzhen Yaoneng Technology Co., Ltd., for relevant advice and help.

Silicone potting sealant has a wide range of applications, such as potting and sealing of power electronic components with flame retardant and thermal conductivity requirements, as well as high voltage potting of components.Potting and sealing of power battery of new energy electric vehicle, waterproof power supply, thermal conduction potting and sealing of lightning protection mold, and potting and sealing of HID;Potting and sealing of heating electronic components under working conditions, such as converters, inverters, sensors, electronic control units, etc.Precision machinery parts, instrument and meter parts of shock protection, small electrical appliance potting protection;High temperature resistance, heat conduction and flame retardant sealing of small household appliances and household appliances control panels.

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