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About yaoneng

Shenzhen Yaoneng Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based new material enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and management of electronic adhesives. It was founded in 2009 by Hong Kong Yaoneng Chemical Group.The company is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, the most economically dynamic area and the most famous special economic zone in China.Yaoneng company in organic silicone (RTV silicone rubber), electronic adhesive, instant dry adhesive, epoxy adhesive, AB adhesive, UV adhesive, three anti paint, potting adhesive, sealant, thermal silicone grease, radiating adhesive, UL yellow adhesive, instant dry adhesive, silicone treatment agent, coating adhesive and other related glue research and development and production at a high level in China.The products cover the bonding, fixing, sealing, filling, insulation, reinforcement, shockproof, covering, moisture-proof (water), heat dissipation, flame retardant, coating and surface treatment of electronic adhesives in industrial production, and provide customers with adhesive comprehensive solution services.

The company has perfect production and testing equipment, with reaction, separation, kneading, mixing, filling and other complete sets of equipment, can test raw materials and finished products, to provide customers with quality products and good after-sales service.The company has 2 production departments, 3 special laboratories and 1 testing center, many professional and technical personnel.

Yoneng has more than 100 types of electronic adhesive products in 9 categories, which can meet the needs of various customers in different products and fields.At the same time, the related products have passed the SGS standard of heavy metals and hazardous substances non-toxic detection, to ensure that customers use the qualified products of our company.Products are widely used in hardware and plastic, electronic appliances, lighting, consumer electronics, LED, communications, audio equipment, new energy vehicles, security, intelligent industrial control, instrumentation, small home appliances, machinery, aerospace and other fields.The company has the right of import and export, and its products are exported to overseas countries, some of which are exported to the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Europe.

The company has excellent professional research and development institutions to cooperate with the production and research, to ensure the continuous improvement and optimization of products and the continuous launch of new products.Follow-up with the pace of social development to walk in the front of the industry, while upholding the goal of high quality and high efficiency, constantly enhance the international competitiveness, to provide customers with the best quality service and the best products.

Today, faced with the opportunities and challenges of the new era, Yaoneng focuses on enhancing its own strength, while constantly exploring cutting-edge technologies, enriching network and channels, standards and quality, and striving to better and faster service to more customers.