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Silicone conformal coating basic introduction

A profile,
Silicone three anti - curing paint is a kind of room temperature curing can also be heated to accelerate the curing of elastoplastic silicone.Can use brush coating, spraying, dip coating and other processes, curing speed is fast, excellent wear resistance, good adhesion to various circuit boards;It has good high temperature resistance, high temperature resistance of about 220 degrees, and flame retardant performance, good flame retardant effect, is the best product for all kinds of circuit board protection.
Second, basic characteristics
1. The curing speed is fast, can be cured at room temperature, can also be cured by heating.Good adhesion to all kinds of circuit boards;
2. Excellent moisture-proof, water-proof, oil-proof and dust-proof performance;No corrosion to all kinds of circuit board.
3. It has good electrical and physical characteristics such as insulation, compression resistance, salt spray resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high bonding strength.
Three, use method
1. Cleaning: Before coating, the dust, moisture (moisture) and oil on the surface of the object to be coated must be removed first, and keep dry.
2, cover: if some connectors, sockets, switches, plugboards and other areas are not allowed to have coating materials, can be covered with American glue or other ways.
3.This product can be used brush coating, spraying, dip coating and other methods of construction.The coating shall be limited to no flow of hexagrams and no leakage.The thickness of a film is generally between 0.1-0.3mm.
4.After the first coating surface is dry, you can apply it for a second time.
5.The used brush, spray gun, etc. should be replaced or cleaned in time to prepare for the next use.
IV. Matters needing attention
When not in use, wipe the glue at the mouth of the bottle, tighten the cap and keep it sealed in a cool place.When used again, if there is a little skin phenomenon at the seal, it can be removed, and it does not affect the normal use of the three anti paint.
Fifth, use
Organic silicon anti-corrosion paint is widely used in LED, electronics, electrical appliances, communication, automobile, machinery, lighting, instrumentation, defense industry and other fields, organic silicon is three paint to form protective film can effectively isolating circuit board, and can protect the circuit from the bad environment, destroy, so as to improve the reliability and stability of circuit board, increase the safety coefficient,And to ensure and improve the service life of the product.For more information about the products and technology, please visit the official website of Yoneng Company http://www.ynbond.com. Yoneng Company will provide you with professional and comprehensive technical support and product guidance for the three anti-paint and all kinds of glue.


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