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Classification of adhesives

Natural glue is made of animal and plant polymer compounds as raw materials.
Adhesive made of animal skin, bone, tendon, blood, etc.Such as bone glue, gelatin, blood glue and so on.
VegetableGlue is a kind of adhesive made with starch, vegetable protein and other vegetable ingredients as adhesive material.Such as starch adhesive, protein adhesive, gum and so on.
OrganicAdhesive Adhesive is an adhesive made from organic compounds.
Resin adhesive is made of natural resin (such as gelatin, rosin) or synthetic resin (such as phenolic, epoxy, polyacrylate, polyvinyl acetate and other resins) as adhesive material.
With natural rubber or synthetic rubber (such as nitrile rubber, neoprene rubber, silicone rubber, etc.) as the adhesive made of adhesive.
Viscose adhesive made with viscose (such as sodium cellulose xanthate) as viscose.
Cellulose Adhesive CelluloseAdhesive is made of cellulose derivatives as adhesives.
Inorganic adhesive adhesive made of inorganic compounds as adhesives.Such as silicate, phosphorus salt and basic salts, chloride, nitrides and so on.
Ceramic adhesive is an adhesive with ceramic structure after curing using inorganic compounds (such as metal oxides, etc.) as adhesives.
Glass adhesive with oxide (such as silicon oxide, sodium oxide, lead oxide, etc.) as adhesive, by hot melt and make the adhesive and has the composition and performance of glass inorganic adhesive.
Hardened film adhesives with or without a carrier are usually made by heating and pressing.Synonyms: film
Stick adhesive adhesive adhesiveAdhesive Stick is made of resin and other adhesives which are solvent-free and stick shaped at room temperature.Synonym: glue stick
Made of resin and other solvent free powder adhesives at room temperature.
Adhesive Paste Adhesive adhesive
A non-flowing adhesive that can be molded at room temperature for the sealing of wide gaps.
A product of adhesive tape applied to one or both sides of a base material such as paper, cloth, film and foil.
Structural adhesive is used for adhesive of mechanical structural parts, which can withstand allowable stress and environmental action for a long time.
An adhesive that is applied to the surface of an adhesive before it is applied to improve the bonding properties.
Solvent-based Adhesive Solvent Adhesive Adhesive containing volatile organic solvents.It does not include adhesives in water as a solvent.
Solvent is used before the use of dry adhesive film activation, so that it is sticky and complete adhesive.
Solvent-free adhesive is a liquid, paste, solid adhesive.
Sealing Adhesive Sealing adhesive.
Adhesive that inhibits curing when oxygen is present and self-curing when oxygen is isolated.
Photosensitive adhesives rely on light to initiate curing adhesives.
Pressure-sensitive adhesive Pressure-sensitive adhesive is a viscoelastic material with durable viscosity when in the solvent-free state.The material can instantly bond to most solid surfaces under slight pressure.
Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape A product made of tape with pressure sensitive adhesive applied to a substrate.
A membrane consisting of different adhesives on both sides, usually with a carrier.It is generally used for bonding core material and panel in honeycomb sandwich structure.
Foaming Adhesive Foaming Adhesive when curing in situ foaming expansion, by a large number of gas bubble holes dispersed throughout the adhesive layer to reduce the apparent density of the adhesive.
Foamed adhesive D.Cellula Adhesive has numerous inflatable microbubbles, which make its surface density significantly reduced adhesive.
An adhesive that encapsulates particles or droplets of reactive components in a protective film (microcapsule) and prevents solidification until the protective film is destroyed by appropriate methods.
Electric conductive adhesive is an adhesive with conductive properties.Such adhesives generally contain electrically conductive powders such as silver, copper or graphite.
A type of dry adhesive that is made sticky by heating.
A kind of adhesive that is coated under melting and cooled into solid state to complete the adhesive.
Coated on the two surfaces of the adhesive, dried and stacked together, without maintaining pressure can form an adhesive with adhesive strength.
Water-borne adhesive; water-borne adhesive;Aqueous adhesive is an adhesive with water as the solvent or dispersion medium.
Adhesive adhesives that are often in contact with water and moisture can still maintain their adhesive performance (or use performance).
A kind of adhesive that requires heating to harden.
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