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What is the main ingredient of AB glue?

AB glue is commonly known as two kinds of adhesive curing glue after mixing, one liquid is the main agent (epoxy resin or silicone or other main agent), one liquid is the hardener (curing agent), two liquid can be cured according to the proportion of the mixture, as long as it is required to mix two components of the glue can be called AB glue. The main introduction here is adhesive AB glue.

What are the main ingredients of AB glue? A glue is generally the main agent, B glue is generally curing agent. The main agent is generally the main material such as epoxy resin, acrylic resin, and filling materials such as adhesive, color paste and other materials. Curing agent is generally a single material, and the main agent in proportion to the mixture of polymerization reaction, so as to achieve curing.


AB adhesive has a wide range of applications in the field of electronic industry production, can play a role in fast bonding and fixation, and there will be no whitening phenomenon in the bonding process. With excellent bonding strength, suitable for bonding and fixation of different materials, AB glue can be located and bonded in a few minutes to several hours at room temperature (25), so as to improve production efficiency, with the progress of industrial production.

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