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AB Glue usage in detail

AB glue is generally divided into bonding TYPE AB glue and potting type AB glue. How to use AB glue? Should I pour A glue or B glue first? How long does it take to mix? Yao Neng company tells you the correct use of AB glue.

Bonding TYPE AB glue generally uses a small amount, and is divided into mixed tube packaging and independent packaging two types. The AB glue packed in the mixing tube can be directly extruded with a glue gun or push rod. Pay attention to the glue about 2cm at the exit of the mixing tube, which is not recommended to use, because there may be uneven mixing. Independent packing large bottle AB glue, when using, need our own mix, correct operation method, according to the instructions of the matching requirement, use electronic weighing accurate, to put the glue B (hardener) into A container, add the right amount of A glue (main), then A glue with good thing fully mix, stirring time should be in 2 to 3 minutes, Then set the bubble properly before use.

Sealing TYPE AB glue, generally transparent and non-transparent AB glue. Transparent color AB glue because the material is relatively single, generally can be directly mixed according to the specified proportion. Non-transparent color AB glue, generally there are related heat conduction or flame retardant materials in the glue, there will be precipitation after some time, so before mixing this kind of AB glue, A glue and B glue should be fully stirred respectively, and placed after defoaming, and then mix and stir the two according to the specified proportion. The amount of mixing should be determined according to the production amount to avoid excessive glue mixing and waste.


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