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UV glue industry development prospect introduction

UV adhesive is also called UV UV curing adhesive, shadowless adhesive, liquid optical glue, light curing adhesive, is a kind of one component, high sensitivity modified acrylic adhesive.Used for bonding, fixing and sealing all kinds of electronic appliances, toys, instruments and meters, furniture and other products.According to the relevant requirements and different light sources, UV adhesive can be quickly cured in tens of seconds to a few minutes, no solvent volatilization in the curing process, no pollutants produced, belongs to green environmental protection electronic accessories products.UV adhesive is easy to use, high bonding strength, fast curing speed, good weather resistance, is a kind of high use value of new functional polymer products.

UV glue curing requires UV light irradiation to cure, so it is generally required that one side of the bonding material can be transparent to light, so that UV glue can be used to bond.UV adhesive can be bonded, sealed, fixed materials are glass, crystal, metal, plastic, acrylic, PC, electronic components and other materials.High bonding strength and fast glue curing.It is of great help to improve production efficiency.

So what are the advantages of UV glue compared with other kinds of glue?Yauneng company engineers believe that the biggest advantage of UV glue is fast curing speed, and the glue is not white after curing, not brittle, water resistance, aging resistance, easy to use, so that the production efficiency of the product will be greatly improved.Because UV glue has many good advantages, so at present, many industries and products are gradually using UV glue to replace other glue, in order to improve the production efficiency and product quality of products, UV glue and related technology will also get greater space for development and historical opportunities.

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