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Are all the bottles of UV glue black?

UV adhesive is also called UV curable adhesive, shadowless adhesive, light curable adhesive, is a single component, high sensitivity modified acrylic adhesive.Used for all kinds of electronic appliances, digital products, toys, furniture and other products bonding, fixing.According to the relevant requirements and different light sources, UV glue can be cured quickly in tens of seconds to a few minutes, no solvent volatilization in the curing process, no pollutants, belongs to the green environmental protection type electronic accessories products.UV adhesive is convenient to use, high bonding strength, fast curing speed, good weather resistance, is a kind of high use value of the new functional polymer products.

You may ask why the UV glue bottle is generally black?This is because UV glue curing by UV light irradiation, but we also have some weak UV light in the natural light, so if the UV glue is accidentally lit, it will cause the reaction of the glue, thus affecting the quality of UV glue.So usually UV glue packaging bottles are black or dark, in order to achieve the effect of light, so as to effectively protect the safe and stable storage of UV glue.


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