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UV adhesive application industry and product introduction


UV adhesive is also called UV UV curing adhesive, shadowless adhesive, liquid optical glue, light curing adhesive, is a kind of one component, high sensitivity modified acrylic adhesive.Used for bonding, fixing and sealing all kinds of electronic appliances, toys, instruments and meters, furniture and other products.According to the relevant requirements and different light sources, UV adhesive can be quickly cured in tens of seconds to a few minutes, no solvent volatilization in the curing process, no pollutants produced, belongs to green environmental protection electronic accessories products.UV adhesive is easy to use, high bonding strength, fast curing speed, good weather resistance, is a kind of high use value of new functional polymer products.

UV glue curing requires UV light irradiation to cure, so it is generally required that one side of the bonding material can be transparent to light, so that UV glue can be used to bond.UV adhesive can be bonded, sealed, fixed materials are glass, crystal, metal, plastic, acrylic, PC, electronic components and other materials.High bonding strength and fast glue curing.It is of great help to improve production efficiency.

Shenzhen Yaoneng technology company specializes in adhesive products, providing customers with high value-added adhesive solutions is yaoneng company's service goal.UV shadowless adhesive is a single component UV curing structure adhesive, has the advantages of easy to use, fast curing speed, high bonding strength, high light transmittance, completely transparent bonding effect, safe operation, convenient and so on.

UV adhesive is mainly used in electronic industry, glass crafts, crystal crafts, electronic components, glass furniture, communication, display, optical equipment bonding, the bonding strength is greater than the glass body strength.High strength, high toughness, environmental protection, no pollution.


1, crafts, ornaments, jewelry production: UV glue can be used for the production of crafts, ornaments and decoration crafts.Can be connected with glass and plastic, wood, metal and presents high optical transparency and curing ability.UV glue can be cured in seconds and can also be used in decorative photography industry.

2, glass furniture and display cabinet assembly: UV adhesive products for furniture production, the metal edge and bracket can be connected to the glass, connecting the glass door and glass cabinet assembly.UV adhesive has good viscosity, toughness and moisture resistance, and can be used for the connection of materials with different coefficient of expansion.

3, automotive industry: UV adhesive products are used to connect metal, ceramics and plastics.Seal high temperature element, such as break protection wire.UV adhesive products are used in the automotive industry, including headlight sealing and sound assembly.

4, glass and crystal bonding: UV adhesive surface beautiful, resistant to cleaning, the installation of goblet bracket, bracket decorative products.UV adhesive products connect each frame and glass, and used for glass bottles and crystal decoration assembly.

5. Module and lens bonding: there are a series of products with different viscosity, including contact deformation and non-flowing paste series.It can be used for lens connection and the connection and encapsulation of related parts.

6, electronic industry applications: Yao neng UV adhesive products are suitable for a series of electronic products, including circuit board covering, terminal packaging and wire harness fixed and electronic components insulation, protection, etc.

Shenzhen yaoneng technology co., LTD is specialized in the production and sales of UV glue, shadowless glue, liquid optical plastic, light curing glue, reliable product quality, product environmental protection, UV glue if you need to learn more about information accessible yao to the company's web site, can provide free samples for customer service and technical consulting, welcome the masses of customers to choose and sample yaoneng  UV glue.


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