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Matters needing attention when using UV glue

UV adhesive is also called UV UV curing adhesive, shadowless adhesive, liquid optical glue, light curing adhesive, is a kind of one component, high sensitivity modified acrylic adhesive.Used for bonding, fixing and sealing all kinds of electronic appliances, toys, instruments and meters, furniture and other products.According to the relevant requirements and different light sources, UV adhesive can be quickly cured in tens of seconds to a few minutes, no solvent volatilization in the curing process, no pollutants produced, belongs to green environmental protection electronic accessories products.UV adhesive is easy to use, high bonding strength, fast curing speed, good weather resistance, is a kind of high use value of new functional polymer products.


UV glue has its own unique advantages, more and more industries and products use UV glue to bond, fix, seal, insulation, the use value of UV glue is more and more high, so in the use of UV glue, how to use it, what need to pay attention to?Yao can engineer to give you some suggestions:

1, should avoid direct contact between skin and UV glue, so as not to cause skin inflammation and irritation.Use thick rubber gloves to completely prevent skin contact and protect hands safely.Wear clean long sleeve trousers overalls, avoid UV glue and skin contact.If the UV glue falls on the clothes, the clothes should be changed in time, and the UV glue on the clothes should be rubbed with alcohol or acetone.

Eyes are fragile, and most often exposed to the outside world.Eye protection, using goggles is the most basic protective equipment.Be sure to wear when contacting shadowless glue.Chemical fumes can stick to contact lenses and irritate the eye.So working with contact lenses is not suitable.Dark (brown) goggles must be worn to protect your eyes when working in bright light.Dark lenses can reduce the intensity of light, so dark goggles are best against strong light. UV glue is recommended.

3, liquid substances will have more or less volatile.Inhalation of chemical volatiles may cause dizziness, acrid nose and other physical symptoms.Therefore, it is recommended to wear a mask when using UV glue to reduce the irritation of glue to the respiratory tract.After the operation of UV glue, you must do your own cleaning and washing.And get your work clothes ready for the next day and all your protective gear.

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