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The importance of using high quality electronic potting glue

Some customers will choose the electronic potting glue with a lower price, and often purchase the inferior electronic potting glue.This kind of electronic potting glue in the use process, can not play a very good electrical properties and insulation, heat conduction, flame retardant and other physical properties, also can not meet the impact of the external climate and harsh environment with industry.If the electronic potting glue cracks or other problems occur, there will be a very large product failure and economic loss.

In addition, the poor quality silicone potting glue may have problems in curing time, high and low temperature resistance, flame retardant effect and other aspects, which reduces the safety factor and heat dissipation effect of potting glue, and there are many potential quality problems.High quality electronic potting glue can work safely and stably in harsh environment, provide strong protection and heat conduction effect for electronic products, make the products can achieve seismic, waterproof, weather resistance and other functions, can effectively improve the safety and stability of electronic products.Advice to the masses of customers in the choose and buy electronic potting glue, silicone potting glue as high-quality product quality is stable, the quality of electronic potting glue, must pouring sealant sample test first, and at the same time, related to the environment and aging experiment, in order to determine the quality and stability of the potting glue, potting glue for subsequent procurement and production process.

Shenzhen yaoneng technology co., LTD is specialized in the production and sales of electronic potting glue, silicone potting glue, thermal conductivity, flame retardant potting glue and other products, main application fields are electronic appliances, instruments and meters, household appliances, intelligent industrial control, lighting, automotive electronics, security equipment, power equipment, electrical equipment, etc., welcome consulting product information, and provide sample for customer service,Yaoneng company is dedicated to provide you with quality products and services.


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