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Introduction to the operation method of potting sealant for LED drive power supply

Silicone potting sealant is a kind of elastic potting sealant after curing, and the curing material has the characteristics of heat conduction, flame retardant and easy maintenance. It is the first choice for potting and filling of electronic and electrical products.

LED drive power potting glue is suitable for the potting protection of general electronic components, power modules and circuit boards, and all kinds of electronic and electrical potting, such as switching power supply, driving power supply, automotive HID lamp module power supply, automotive ignition system module power supply, home appliance controller, network transformer, etc.Many customers do not understand the use of LED driving power potting glue, now by Yao Neng engineer for you to answer the operation method of LED driving power potting glue:

1. Before the potting and sealing glue is mixed, the A and B components are fully stirred and evenly respectively to avoid the performance change or uneven curing caused by the settling of the filler.

2, mixing: according to 1:1 (weight) ratio to weigh the two components into the prepared container fully stir evenly, if the stirring is not uniform, it will affect the curing performance.

3. Defoaming: the evenly mixed glue is left standing for 10-20 minutes or defoamed in vacuum

4, perfusion: should be completed in the operating time range of glue perfusion, otherwise affect the leveling.Substrate surface should be kept clean and dry before potting.

5, curing: room temperature or heating curing can be.The curing speed of the glue has a great relationship with the curing temperature, and it takes a long time to cure in winter. It is recommended to use heating method to cure, 30-60 minutes at 80℃, and about 3-6 hours at room temperature.

The above is the application and operation method of silicone potting sealant and power potting sealant introduced by the engineers of Yaoneng Company. I hope it can be helpful to you.


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