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Yaoneng adhesive information

Yaoneng heat conduction flame retardant silicone potting sealant 5162 product introduction

I. [Product Features]
1, two-component, medium viscosity, gray, heat conduction, flame retardant and environmental protection type electronic potting adhesive, sealant
2, with high temperature resistance, high pressure, solvent resistance, aging resistance, good weather resistance, low shrinkage rate and other characteristics.
3. After curing, it is an elastomer with good toughness, no cracking, no hardening and detachable. After sealing, the components can be repaired and replaced, and then repaired with this product without leaving any trace.Waterproof, moisture-proof, shock and vibration resistant
4, high and low temperature resistance, good chemical resistance, can be room temperature or heating curing, convenient and efficient
Two, [scope of application]
Yao Neng 5162 gray heat conduction flame retardant electronic potting sealant is suitable for the following products and range:
1. It is applied to potting and sealing of power electronic components with flame retardant and thermal conductivity requirements, and also can be used for high voltage potting and sealing of components
2. Packing and sealing of power battery of new energy electric vehicle, waterproof power supply, thermal conduction and sealing of lightning protection mode, and Packing and sealing of HID lamp
3. Potting and sealing of heating electronic components under working conditions, such as converters, inverters, sensors, electronic control units, etc
4, precision mechanical parts, instrument and meter parts of shock protection, small electrical sealing protection.Punch and seal all kinds of circuit boards
5. High temperature resistance, heat conduction and flame retardant sealing of small household appliances and household appliances control panel.


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