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Shenzhen Huaqiang North 70-story building shaking!The official response is here!

In the afternoon of May 18, a panic scene occurred in Huaqiang North, Shenzhen. A 70-story building shook and residents fled in panic.
It's even been searched on Weibo!
SEG Plaza is a skyscraper located in Huaqiang North, Futian District, Shenzhen, which is directly invested by Shenzhen SEG Group Co., Ltd.Building 71 floors, total height 355.8 meters, real height 292 meters, construction area of 164,300 square meters.
Shenzhen Sag is also listed in A-share market, with A market capitalization of 7.3 billion yuan as of the close.According to public information, SEG Group has diversified business models in the electronic market, integrating wholesale, retail, display, new product experience, after-sales service and value-added business.Its business scope covers electronic components, instruments and meters, electronic tools, computer complete machines, computer accessories, computer peripherals, digital products, computer networks, communication equipment, security products, audio-visual products, consumables and other categories.
According to the official microblog of the Shenzhen Emergency Management Bureau, at around 13:50 PM on May 18, the Saige Building in Huaqiangbei Street, Futian District, Shenzhen City, was shaken.After the emergency management bureau view and analysis of the city's seismic monitoring station data, no earthquake occurred in Shenzhen today.Authorities are investigating the cause of the Sager Tower shake.
According to the news of Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, at 14:10 on the same day, the fire department in Shenzhen was informed that the police had been received and sent out, and the specific situation needs further investigation.
Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported that Lu Jianxin, chief engineer of China Construction Technology and Engineering in South China: high-rise buildings are all seismic analysis, and generally there will be shaking and swing during the earthquake.It would be unusual for the sager building to have this kind of situation today if there weren't an earthquake.From the current information, this is a coincidence of accidental frequency, is the phenomenon of resonance.At present, there is no clear reason to find out the circumstances, only this explanation, the final information issued by the authority shall prevail.
In addition, according to the reporter at the scene, the two-lane road near the Saige Building has been basically closed, Huaqiang North to Huaqiang South underground pedestrian passageway is also temporarily closed, but the pavement on the ground can still pass.
Hope all is well!The work and life of the nearby citizens can return to normal.


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