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When AB glue is used, the ratio is not correct. Will the glue solidify?

AB glue is generally divided into adhesive type AB glue and potting type AB glue.How to use AB glue?Should we pour glue A or glue B first?How long should I mix it after I pour it in?Yoneng company engineers tell you the correct use of AB glue.Will the glue solidify if the ratio is not correct?Or what are the consequences?
AB glue must be used in accordance with the prescribed ratio, if the ratio is not correct, will cause glue curing or glue curing is not complete, affect the bonding and potting effect.If AB glue ratio is not correct, after pouring into the product does not solidify, then the glue is not easy to take out, this situation will have a very large product loss and work burden.Yao energy company suggested that AB glue in use must be used in accordance with the specified ratio.Thus avoid and reduce unnecessary waste and loss, and can improve the production efficiency and product quality.
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