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Yaoneng epoxy resin AB glue how long to cure?

Epoxy AB glue is the main material of epoxy resin, epoxy AB glue is very widely used and common.So how long will epoxy AB glue solidify after mixing?Epoxy AB adhesive is divided into potting type epoxy AB adhesive and adhesive type epoxy AB adhesive.
1, potting type epoxy AB glue is generally used for the product of large area potting and filling.The drying time of the glue depends on the temperature and the amount of mixture.Generally, the surface dry time of this kind of epoxy AB adhesive is about 1 hour, and the curing time is about 3 to 6 hours. If the temperature is cured, the curing time is about 30 minutes to 1 hour.
2, adhesive type epoxy resin AB adhesive is mainly used for small area of the product and specific parts of the bonding, fixing, plugging and other functions.The color of adhesive type epoxy AB adhesive is generally transparent, gray, white, black and other colors.In general, the drying time of adhesive type epoxy resin AB glue is: 5 minutes drying AB glue, 30 minutes drying AB glue, 1 hour drying AB glue, 2 hours drying AB glue, 4 hours drying AB glue.Large range of drying time, which is more convenient for the selection and arrangement of each production process.In order to adapt to the different needs of various products and objective conditions.
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