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Introduction and analysis of the working principle of thermal silicone grease

Thermal conductive silicone is also called heat paste, cooling oil, silicone grease, thermal paste, belonging to organic compound into a paste of silicon thermal conductive materials, has good thermal conductivity, environmental protection, tasteless, electrical insulation and the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, high stability, high temperature curing, slurry, do not contain toxic, harmless to human body, it has good compatibility with plastic, metal and other materials, no corrosion, swelling,Low oil separation, can be safely used in electronic and electrical products.As the heat transfer medium of heating element and radiator, thermal conductive silicone grease can play the role of heat dissipation and filling.Effectively and persistently transfer heat.

Between the solid and solid objects, there will always be a heat conduction problem are two solid hard contact completely, because of a solid surface no matter how you look smooth and flat, but under the magnifying glass show you will see that the surface of the solid is very uneven, this will affect the heat transfer.Therefore, we need a thermal conductive material between the two interfaces. The thermal silicone grease appears at this time. The role of the thermal silicone grease is to fill the gap between the heating object and the radiator fin and conduct heat.Because there is inevitably a gap between the heat sink and the CPU when the heat sink is made well, it is necessary for us to fill the gap between the CPU and the heat sink with thermal silicone grease.By increasing the contact area between the two to improve the thermal effect, to avoid damage due to the CPU or heating element temperature is too high.But it should be noted that, because the thermal conductivity of the metal heat sink is much stronger than the thermal grease, so the use of thermal grease here is only used to fill the gap, it must not be considered that the thermal grease is the heat dissipation body, it just helps the heat sink.

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