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Introduction of oil separation phenomenon on thermal silicone grease surface

Thermal conductive silicone is also called heat paste, cooling oil, silicone grease, thermal paste, belonging to organic compound into a paste of silicon thermal conductive materials, has good thermal conductivity, environmental protection, tasteless, electrical insulation and the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, high stability, high temperature curing, slurry, do not contain toxic, harmless to human body, it has good compatibility with plastic, metal and other materials, no corrosion, swelling,Low oil release, can be safely used in electronic and electrical products.As the heat transfer medium of heating element and radiator, thermal silicone grease can play the role of cooling and filling.They transfer heat efficiently and consistently.

We may find such a phenomenon in the process of using thermal silicone grease, that is, after thermal silicone grease is placed for a period of time, there will be a layer of transparent oil on the surface. Why is this so?Yao can company engineers to analyze and solve: appear this kind of circumstance is the cause of thermal conductivity of silicone material is mainly composed of dimethyl silicone oil and thermal conductive filler material, dimethyl silicone oil density than smaller thermal conductivity of thermal conductive silicone material, so the thermal conductive silicone placed for a long time later, thermal conductive materials will be slightly down, so there will be a transparent layer of oil on the surface of.Heat conduction grease can be stirred evenly before use, product performance and use are not affected.

Thermal conductive silicone (cooling paste) used in a wide range products and: used for heating elements such as high power diode, triode, transistor, thyristor, power amplifier, IC, hair heat pipe with the radiator heat transfer medium, such as maximise the contact surface of heating elements and heat dissipation base material, reduce the working temperature of the heating element;Computer processor CPU, graphics card, LCD and PDP flat panel display, thermistors, chips and chipsets;Heat conduction and heat transfer of automotive electronics, power modules and communication equipment;Microwave power supply, voltage regulator power supply;LED lighting, LED lighting equipment, etc.

Shenzhen yiu can technology co., LTD is specialized in the production and sales of silicone grease, thermal paste, paste of thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity silica gel, the thermal conductive adhesive, thermal silicone power, high temperature electronic silica gel, silica gel, silica gel, etc., product quality reliable, products, environmental protection, can provide free samples for customer service and technical consulting, and related to replace imported silicone products.

Yao can thermal conductivity silicone grease, thermal conductive silicone main application areas are: electronic appliances, lighting, LED lighting products, IT products, communications equipment, instruments and meters, security equipment, digital, auto electronic, military industry, hardware appliances, household appliances, household electrical appliances, new energy, intelligent industrial control, electrician electrical, vehicle manufacturing, consumer electronics, medical equipment, etc.


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