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What are the characteristics of water-based conformal coating?

There are many kinds of conformal coating, can be made according to the main material, smell, volatile level of different conformal coating classification. Waterborne conformal coating is one of the most advanced and environmentally friendly three-proof coatings in the current three-proof coating system. So what are the characteristics or advantages of water-based conformal coating compared with other types of conformal coating? Yao Neng engineers believe that there are mainly the following characteristics and excellence.


1. The smell of water-based conformal coating is small, and the size of the smell is mainly due to the smell of the main raw materials and solvents. The main material of water-based conformal coating itself has little smell.


2、Yao Neng water-based conformable coating is very environmentally friendly, VOC volatilization is very low, the product is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, is a kind of environment-friendly high-end conformable coating.


3. Water-based conformal coating has good adhesion and excellent high and low temperature resistance.


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