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Electronic yellow glue is hard ?

Electronic cement is a type of single fluid, sticky glue and glue because of its color is yellow, so the industry has always been just call it UL glue or UL yellow glue, UL flame retardant cement, cement, electronic cement, such as name, can be divided into flame retardant cement and generic electronic cement, belonging to the solvent evaporation type glue, glue relay strong and resilient.

Electronic yellow glue is widely used and is an indispensable auxiliary material in the production and processing of electronic and electrical industries.The main materials of electronic yellow glue can be bonded are: glass, ceramic, rubber, leather, wood, stone, jade, wire, aluminum, stainless steel, iron, copper, electroplated parts, paper, PC, ABS, PET, acrylic, PCB board, semiconductor devices, etc.Electronic yellow glue in the production and processing of electronic and electrical products, to achieve bonding, positioning, filling, waterproof, shockproof, sealing, insulation, fixation, reinforcement and other functions.


Many customers may want to ask the electronic yellow glue after curing is hard or soft?How hard is it? How hard is it?Yao can company engineers to analyze the hardness of electronic yellow glue.The electronic yellow glue of Yaoneng company is divided into two types, one is flame retardant electronic yellow glue, the other is general type electronic yellow glue.Flaming flame retardant electronic yellow glue after curing is very hard, the final hardness is very hard, the nail cut into the words is no trace, the hardness is about 70, than the general plastic is hard, under normal circumstances, glue curing 72 hours to achieve such hardness, and the colloid also has toughness and flame retardant.The hardness of the ordinary electronic yellow glue after curing is not as high as that of the flame retardant type of electronic yellow glue. A little bit more Microsoft, when the shrinkage requirement of glue is small, you can choose the ordinary type of electronic yellow glue.The above is about the correlation analysis of the hardness of the electronic yellow glue after curing. I hope it can be helpful to you when you buy and buy electronic yellow glue.

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