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How long does thermal silica gel cure?

Thermal silica gel generally refers to the adhesive and thermal conductivity of silica gel, thermal silica gel can be divided into a single component thermal silica gel and two components thermal silica gel, their curing time is how long, we come to analyze and answer.

Yao neng single component thermal conductive silica gel is generally 5-15 minutes dry, in general, 24 hours to complete curing, to reach the maximum strength, if the area and thickness of the glue is large, low temperature, complete curing takes 48 hours.Two-component thermal conductive silica gel at room temperature for about 2 hours dry surface, complete curing takes 6-8 hours, heating curing only 0.5 to 1 hour.

One component thermal conductive silica gel is room temperature curing silicone rubber, which is crosslinked by condensation reaction with water in the air and release of low molecules, and cured into high thermal conductive adhesive elastomer, with excellent high and low temperature resistance, insulation performance.One-component thermal conductive silicone has excellent thermal conductivity and thermal properties, but also has excellent electrical properties, ageing resistance, moisture swelling, shockproof, waterproof, high insulation and vibration absorption and stability, increase the safety of electronic products in the process of use and stability, for electronic components, semiconductor materials, metal, plastic, etc. With good bonding strength.Single component thermal conductive silica gel is easy to use and operate, can be manual sizing or mechanical sizing, single component thermal conductive silica gel is a non-toxic, pollution-free product, safe and environmental protection, has passed the European Union RoHS2.0 standard test.

One component thermal conductive silica gel has strong adhesion to the metal surface and is not easy to peel off. It is widely used in bonding, fixing and sealing of PTC heating device and aluminum heat sink, as well as coating, insulation and fixing of sensor surface plug-in line or piece.Mainly used in CPU radiator, transistor, chip and heat sink between the heat dissipation, iron floor heat dissipation, transformer heat conduction and electronic components fixed, and then with filling;Used for filling and fixing gaps between high-power power supply, LED driver and radiator, heat conduction and cooling of various electronic components.


The two-component thermal conductive silica gel is used as the transfer medium for heat conduction and cooling of electronic devices. After the glue is mixed and proportioned in accordance with the specified ratio, it can be cured locally into qualified elastomer, which does not produce stress on electronic devices.Excellent temperature resistance, thermal conductivity and insulation, weather resistance, radiation resistance;Excellent electrical, chemical and mechanical properties;It can effectively protect the safety and stability of electronic products.Suitable for large area heat dissipation and deep heat dissipation of products.Can be widely used in integrated circuits, integrated chips, sensors, converters, and other power modules, semiconductors, relays, rectifiers and transformers packaging and sealing.

The main application areas of Yaoneng silicone glue are:Electronic appliances, lighting lighting, LED products, IT products, power equipment, communications equipment, instruments and meters, electric tools, security equipment, digital, auto electronic, military industry, hardware appliances, aerospace, household appliances, household appliances, new energy, intelligent industrial control, electrician electrical, vehicle manufacturing, consumer electronics, medical equipment, etc.

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