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What glue is used to seal and fix electronic components?

RTV silicone rubber is also known as Room temperature vulcanized (cured) silicone rubber.It can also be divided into one-component RTV silicone rubber and two-component RTV silicone rubber.General small electronic components are sealed and fixed, and it is good to use one component electronic silica gel. The glue is easy to operate, and the insulation, waterproof, fixing and sealing effect is excellent after curing.

Yoneng single component RTV electronic silica gel is mainly used for the fixing, insulation, sealing and fixing of electronic appliances, semiconductor, lighting and other products.The color of the glue is mainly white, translucent, fully transparent, black and other colors. Welcome to consult and sample our company's electronic silicone products.


The main application fields of Yoneng RTV electronic silica gel are:Electronic appliances, lighting lighting, LED products, IT products, power equipment, communications equipment, instruments and meters, electric tools, security equipment, digital, auto electronic, military industry, hardware appliances, aerospace, household appliances, household electrical appliances, new energy, intelligent industrial control, electrician electrical, vehicle manufacturing, consumer electronics, medical equipment, etc.

More information about organic silica gel water, RTV silica gel, encapsulation silica gel, electronic silica gel, power silica gel and thermal conductivity silica gel can be consulted with Yaoneng Company or visit the website of Yaoneng . We will serve you wholeheartedly.


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