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Yaoneng adhesive information

What kind of glue does Yaoneng produce and in what fields?

Shenzhen Yaoneng Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based new material enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and management of electronic adhesive products.The main types of glue produced by Yoneng Company are organic silica gel,RTV silicone rubber and room temperature curing, electronic silica gel, silica gel water electronic glue, instant glue, epoxy glue, AB glue, UV glue,conformal coating , coating material, pouring sealant, sealant, thermal conductivity silicone grease, thermal glue, plastic screws, high temperature fixed glue, glue, power electronic seal glue, cement, UL yellow glue, instant glue, structural adhesive, silica gel treatment agent, coating adhesive andOther related glues.The products cover the bonding, fixing, sealing, filling, insulation, reinforcement, shockproof, covering, moisture-proof (water), heat dissipation, flame retardant, coating and surface treatment of electronic adhesives in industrial production, and provide customers with adhesive comprehensive solution services.

Yoneng Glue is suitable for the bonding and treatment of all kinds of materials.Such AS glass, ceramic, metal, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper, rubber, silica gel, leather, magnet, jade, hardware, acrylic, electroplating metal, screws, electronic circuit board, electronic components, jewelry, IC chips, LED, semiconductor devices, ABS, PC, PET, PVC, AS and other materials.

Glue is used in a wide range of fields.Mainly used in electronic appliances, electrical home appliances manufacturing, electrical, intelligent industrial control, instruments and meters, household appliances, hardware tools, consumer electronics, audio equipment, lighting lighting, LED lighting, security equipment, electric tools, toys, machinery manufacturing, automotive electronics, communications equipment, power equipment, medical equipment, military products, electronic components, handicrafts, optical products,Circuit board assembly, etc.About the glue procurement, glue samples, glue process, technical problems and other matters and problems can be like yao neng company consultation, to get relevant advice and help, yao neng company will provide you with professional glue selection, glue and other all-round services.Yoneng company website http://www.ynbond.com, technical service hotline: 139 2653 4463, welcome to visit.


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