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Yaoneng adhesive information

Yao can tell you, how to choose adhesive?

1, the principle of choosing adhesive:

(1) considering the type, nature, size and hardness of the bonding material;

(2) considering the shape, structure and process conditions of the bonding material;

(3) considering the load and form (tensile force, shear force, peeling force, etc.) of the bonded parts;

(4) Consider the special requirements of materials such as flame retardant, waterproof, thermal conductivity, high temperature and low temperature resistance.

2. Types of bonding materials:

(1) metal: the oxide film on the metal surface is easy to be bonded after surface treatment;Because the linear expansion coefficient of the two phases of the adhesive bond metal is too big, the adhesive layer is easy to produce internal stress.In addition, the metal bonding parts are prone to electrochemical corrosion due to the action of water.

(2) rubber: the greater the polarity of rubber, the better the bonding effect.Nitrile neoprene rubber polarity, bonding strength;Natural rubber, silicone rubber and isobutylene rubber have small polarity and weak adhesion.In addition, the rubber surface often has a release agent or other free additives, hampering the bonding effect.

(3) Wood: it is a porous material, easy to absorb moisture, resulting in dimensional changes, which may result in stress concentration.Additional, polished material is better than the lumber with rough surface gluing performance.

(4) plastic: plastic with large polarity has good bonding performance.

(5) glass: glass surface is composed of numerous uniform uneven parts from a microscopic point of view.Use the adhesive with good wetting property to prevent the possible presence of bubbles in the concave and convex places.In addition, the glass is Si-O - as the main structure, its surface layer is easy to absorb water.Because of the strong polarity of the glass, the polar adhesive is easy to hydrogen bond with the surface, forming a firm bonding.Glass brittle crack and transparent, the choice of adhesives need to consider these.

3, the characteristics and choice of adhesive:

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