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Yaoneng adhesive information

Yaoneng AB glue in electronic cigarette products in the advantages

The main material of epoxy AB adhesive is epoxy resin. Epoxy AB adhesive is widely used and widely used.Epoxy resin has excellent physical properties and mechanical strength, environmental protection, no corrosion to materials, low odor characteristics, is the first choice for some products and materials bonding glue.

Yaoneng epoxy resin AB adhesive is widely used in the bonding and positioning of e-cigarette products.Yaoneng AB glue, model 3203C products are currently used by many well-known electronic cigarette companies in Shenzhen, has cooperated for more than 10 years, deeply trusted and supported by the majority of customers.The materials that need to be bonded to the components of e-cigarettes are ceramic, glass, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, ABS, PC, magnet and other metals and plastics.After curing, 3203C glue is white, strong adhesion, environmental protection, tasteless, and good temperature resistance.There are transparent AB glue 3207T and 3209T two models are also well received by the majority of e-cigarette customers.We are particularly grateful to our partners for their support and trust over the years, such as Alveps Group, Zhueryue (Juwei) Group, New Ikon Co., LTD., Borg Group, etc.


Electronic cigarette products are now more popular consumer electronics products, product market situation, development is rapid, electronic products and electronic cigarette smoke accessories, electronic cigarette battery production process mainly plays the role of the adhesive glue, fixed, seal, waterproof, heat dissipation, insulation, seismic, and other functions, yao can provide in these areas have proper glue,And has been for the majority of well-known manufacturers for many years, by the well-known e-cigarette manufacturers trust and support.Welcome to try and purchase yaoneng e-cigarette glue products, jointly create a new height of electronic products.


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