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What factors are related to the curing time of AB glue?

The main material of epoxy AB adhesive is epoxy resin. Epoxy AB adhesive is widely used and widely used.So how long will the epoxy AB glue cure after mixing?Epoxy AB adhesive is divided into potting epoxy AB adhesive and bonding epoxy AB adhesive.

The curing time of AB glue in addition to its curing system, but also with what factors?

The curing time of AB glue is also related to temperature, the amount of glue mixing, and the amount of curing agent.The higher the temperature, the greater the amount of glue mixing, the more curing agent added, the curing time of AB glue will be faster, and the reverse will be slower.Everyone in the use of AB glue should understand the relevant common sense in this respect, in order to master more AB glue operation methods and skills.

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