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How to apply one component electronic silicone rubber?

RTV silicone rubber is also known as Room temperature vulcanized (cured) silicone rubber.It can also be divided into one-component RTV silicone rubber and two-component RTV silicone rubber.

Yioneng single component RTV electronic silica gel sizing methods are as follows:

1, cleaning: adhesive or coated material surface clean, and remove rust, dust and oil, moisture, and keep dry.

2, sizing: unscrew (or cut) the nozzle of the rubber hose, squeeze the glue to the surface of the material that has been cleaned, make it evenly distributed, and stick the material surface to be fixed.

3. Fixation: the glued or sealed parts are placed in the air so that they can be naturally cured.The curing process is a deep curing process from the surface to the interior. The curing time of the luminous single component electronic silica gel is generally within 24 to 72 hours. The speed of the curing time mainly depends on the temperature, the thickness of the glue, the humidity and other factors.The lower the temperature, the thicker the glue and the longer the curing time of the glue, the related electrical and physical performance tests shall be conducted after the glue is completely cured.

4, storage: has been opened (cut) electronic silica gel is not used up, you can put the glue mouth cover sealing good, the next time.Please use the electronic silica gel within the shelf life of the electronic silica gel. The glue of the previous production date should be used first, and then the glue of the latest production date should be used to use the electronic silica gel in a reasonable and orderly way within the shelf life range.

The main application fields of Yoneng RTV electronic silica gel are:Electronic appliances, lighting lighting, LED products, IT products, power equipment, communications equipment, instruments and meters, electric tools, security equipment, digital, auto electronic, military industry, hardware appliances, aerospace, household appliances, household electrical appliances, new energy, intelligent industrial control, electrician electrical, vehicle manufacturing, consumer electronics, medical equipment, etc.

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