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LED lighting products how to choose the right conformal coating?

Many customers who produce LED lighting products ask Yoneng Company whether there are three anti paint products suitable for LED lamp board and lamp bead protection. Customers also particularly emphasize that your three anti paint will corrode LED lamp board and LED lamp bead?Yaoneng company sales engineers know that this kind of customers are more concerned about this problem and pay attention to.Because if the three anti paint is corrosive, it will cause great damage to the related products, thus affecting the overall effect of the product.Yoneng LED three-proof paint from the research and development, raw material selection, production process, product testing and other aspects of strict control, solemnly ensure that each shipment of Yoneng LED three-proof paint is qualified and safe, and some types of Yoneng company's three-proof paint transparency is high, yellowing resistance effect is good, so it will not affect the luminous effect of LED lamp beads.With three paint protection LED products, product stability and reliability will be greatly improved, the added value of the product will also be improved.

Due to the harsh working environment of LED products and the high requirements for moisture-proof and water-proof performance, LED display screens have very strict requirements for the three-proof paint, especially in the north where the temperature difference between day and night is large, which is a great test for the high and low temperature resistance and moisture-proof performance of the three-proof paint.In the outdoor use of salt spray, UV and other environmental effects should be taken into account, in the case of multi-prevention, but also to maintain good stability and safety of the circuit, Yaoneng 160, 161, 170 models are suitable for LED lighting products, product stability has been widely praised by users.

Yoneng LED class three anti paint is applied to LED outdoor display, LED lamps, radar control system, power equipment, communication equipment, LED street lights, LED power supply, traffic lights, outdoor cameras, outdoor instruments, etc.

YaoNeng three anti paint has a variety of models available, stable quality, timely supply, is the majority of customers long-term reliable partner.For more information about Yaoneng's products and technology, please visit the company's official website www.ynbond.com and contact number: 139 2653 4463 (WeChat same number). Yaoneng Company will provide you with professional and comprehensive technical support and product guidance for the products of Yaoneng's products and all kinds of glues.


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