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The application of instantaneous dry glue in data cable products

Immediate Dry Gum, also known as Immediate Dry Gum, is a class of one-component rapid room temperature curing alpha-cyanoacrylate adhesives, which are easy to use, fast curing speed and high bonding strength, in order to meet the needs of industrial applications.It has formed a series of products, such as universal instant dry adhesive, fast solid instant dry adhesive, impact resistant instant dry adhesive, high temperature resistant instant dry adhesive, low albino instant dry adhesive and instant dry adhesive additives.

Instant dry adhesive can quickly bond all kinds of materials at room temperature, such as:Stainless steel, steel, copper, aluminum, rubber, magnets, hard plastic, ceramic, glass, jade, wood, hard or soft material such as silica gel, can be widely used in electronic appliances, instruments, machinery, toys, handicrafts, QingFei electronics, headphones, automobile and other industries or fields of production and processing, the glue adhesive speed, high production efficiency.

As a kind of glue which is easy to use and fast to cure, Instant Dry Glue is widely used in the bonding of electronic data cable and other products.The data line is the supporting product of the digital product, the market situation is extensive, the output is also very big.The charging port of the data line is in the production process, it is necessary to use instantaneous dry glue to bond the bottom seat and the shell. The bottom seat is generally made of PVC material, and the shell is generally made of aluminum alloy, ABS, PC, PVC and other materials. It is required to bond firmly and have good aging resistance.Yaoneng instantaneous dry glue can meet the relevant requirements of such products, and is purchased and sampled by many data line production enterprises.Welcome customers sample and consultation.
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