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How to remove instantaneous dry glue?

Immediate Dry Gum, also known as Immediate Dry Gum, is a class of one-component rapid room temperature curing alpha-cyanoacrylate adhesives, which are easy to use, fast curing speed and high bonding strength, in order to meet the needs of industrial applications.It has formed a series of products, such as universal instant dry adhesive, fast solid instant dry adhesive, impact resistant instant dry adhesive, high temperature resistant instant dry adhesive, low albino instant dry adhesive and instant dry adhesive additives.
Instantaneous dry glue if there is no dry solid can be quickly wiped dry cloth, and then use alcohol or acetone and other solvents to wipe clean.If it is solidified instantaneous dry colloidal, acetone or bright energy can be used to remove the gel.The gel is soaked first, and then it is softened, and then slowly removed until the removal is complete.Protective equipment such as gloves can be worn during operation.
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