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How to reduce the whitening phenomenon when the instant dry glue is used

Immediate Dry Gum, also known as Immediate Dry Gum, is a class of one-component rapid room temperature curing alpha-cyanoacrylate adhesives, which are easy to use, fast curing speed and high bonding strength, in order to meet the needs of industrial applications.It has formed a series of products, such as universal instant dry adhesive, fast solid instant dry adhesive, impact resistant instant dry adhesive, high temperature resistant instant dry adhesive, low albino instant dry adhesive and instant dry adhesive additives.
Instantaneous dry glue use will have the phenomenon of whitening, the industry term is known as instantaneous dry glue "albinism".General instantaneous dry glue has the phenomenon of albinism, absolutely no albinism instantaneous dry glue is not.Only in the use and selection of instantaneous dry glue to do some preparatory work, in order to reduce the phenomenon of bleaching.There are mainly the following methods and experiences:
1. During construction, the construction site should be kept dry and ventilated as far as possible, and the rubber products should be packed in plastic bags later.
2. If the construction is in rainy weather, it can be considered to use a dehumidifier for dehumidification.
3, high-end products can use low albino type instant dry glue, Yoneng 460 low albino instant dry glue effect is obvious.
4. Instant dry glue accelerator can be used to accelerate the solidification of instant dry glue and reduce the generation of whitening.
These methods can appropriately reduce the degree of instantaneous dry glue bleaching.Instant dry adhesive can bond glass, ceramic, rubber, silica gel, metal, wire, jade, acrylic, ABS, PC and other materials and electronic components, electronic parts, etc. Welcome to buy Yaoneng Instant dry adhesive products.


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