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How much is the price of conformal coating 1 kg, conformal coating how much a barrel?

Conformal coating, also known as circuit board conformal coating, three anti-glue, insulating paint, coating glue, coating glue, moisture-proof oil, generic film coating, coating coating, electronic coating materials, etc., is an English name of conformal coating.Conformal coating is a single component of room temperature curing, heating curing, UV curing transparent or translucent adhesives, with low viscosity, high transparency, excellent insulation performance, high and low temperature resistance, easy to use and so on.Anti-corrosion paint is mainly used in all kinds of electronic circuit board assembly complete lie, coating the surface of the role, provide protection for the circuit boards, circuit board is made to reach moisture, anti-fouling, prevent salt fog, waterproof, prevent leakage, shockproof, insulation, anti-fouling, dustproof, corrosion, mildew, rust, salt fog, corrosion resistance, corona resistance, prevent aging, oxidation resistance and other characteristics, can play a more significant effect.In order to improve the product performance, stability, safety and service life.It can also be used for shallow sealing, moistureproof and antifouling of electronic products.

Shenzhen Yaoneng Co., Ltd. specializes in R & D and production of all kinds of three-proof paint, to meet the different needs and uses of all kinds of customers for three-proof paint.Yaoneng company has a variety of types of three anti paint, the main types are: acrylic three anti paint, polyurethane three anti paint, silicone three anti paint, UV three anti paint, a total of four categories of more than 20 types of three anti paint.Three anti - lacquer products and samples are sufficient, the products are in line with environmental protection certification, product technical information is complete and standard.The price of yao can three anti paint according to the type and performance to compare from dozens of yuan to 200 yuan per kilogram, the core class three anti paint price in 150 yuan per liter, the replacement of imported class three anti paint price in 80 to 200 yuan per kilogram.Welcome customers to consult Yaoneng three anti paint samples and prices, imported conformal coating we also have a variety of alternative products, welcome to buy.Yaoneng conformal coating variety, stable quality, timely supply, is the majority of customers long-term reliable partner.For more information, please visit http://www.ynbond.com. Contact: Mr. Sun, Tel: 139 2653 4463. Yoneng Company will provide you with professional and comprehensive technical support and product guidance for Conformal Coating and all kinds of glue.


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