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What colors do epoxy resin AB glue have?

Epoxy AB glue is the main material of epoxy resin, epoxy AB glue is very widely used and common.Epoxy resin has excellent physical properties and mechanical strength, environmental protection, no corrosion to materials, low odor characteristics, is the first choice of some products and materials bonding and sealing glue.Epoxy resin AB glue is generally divided into potting AB glue and adhesive AB glue.
So what colors do epoxy resin AB glue have after curing?Yao can engineer to tell you.
Potting type epoxy resin AB glue is generally used in a large amount of glue.The packaging area and volume of glue are large, so sometimes there are related requirements for the color of glue, in order to meet the requirements of the color of the product or accessories.The color of potting epoxy glue is generally white, black, transparent, gray and so on.Adhesive AB glue is generally used for bonding and fixing, so the area of bonding and fixing is generally small, and there are not too many requirements for color in general.Only transparent materials need to be bonded with transparent glue so as not to affect the overall effect of the product.The color of adhesive AB glue is transparent, white, beige, green, gray, red, etc.The color of AB glue after curing is mainly these.
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