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Notes on the use and storage of Yaoneng AB adhesive

AB glue is generally divided into adhesive type AB glue and potting type AB glue.AB glue is used in a wide range of fields, including electronic appliances, intelligent manufacturing, instruments and meters, motors, LED power, jewelry bonding and other industrial and civil areas.So AB glue in the use and storage, what are the matters needing attention?
1, the workplace and the use of containers must be kept clean, otherwise it will affect the quality of glue and bonding effect, especially oil, dust will affect the transparency and adhesion of glue.Indoor humidity should not be too high, try to maintain ventilation or exhaust fans, staff try to wear slippers or shoe covers, in order to reduce the generation of dust.
2, glue mixing and sizing, should try to wear masks and eye masks, do a good job of personal protection.
3, sizing work table should be placed smoothly, so as to avoid the flow of glue, dew glue, not in place, drop uneven situation.
4, glue ratio, mixing strength should not be too fast or too large, to slowly and evenly stir along the edge of the container, full mixing can make the glue reaction is more sufficient, better liquidity, but also more conducive to foam.
5. If the glue is not used up, it is strictly prohibited to pour it back into the original packaging bottle, so as not to cause the aggregation of glue.
6. Glue must be sealed and stored in a cool and ventilated place, avoid high temperature or sunlight, and stay away from fire and heat source.
7, AB glue general shelf life is 6-12 months, if found in the shelf life of precipitation, stir can still be used normally.
8, glue mixing must be strictly according to the weight ratio ratio, if the B agent is too much, it will accelerate the curing of glue hard, or even can not dry;If the B agent is less, the curing speed is slowed down to make the glue soft, or even can not be cured.
9, glue storage and use should be away from children, in case of emergency, please seek medical advice immediately.
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