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What is the composition of AB glue?

AB glue is the common name of two kinds of glue after the mixture of curing glue, a liquid is the main agent (epoxy resin or silicone resin or other main agent), a liquid is a hardener (curing agent), two liquid according to the proportion of the mixture can be cured, as long as it is the need for two components of the mixed use of glue can be called AB glue.What is mainly introduced here is the adhesive AB glue.
What are the main components of AB glue?A glue is generally the main agent, B glue is generally curing agent.The main agent is generally the main material such as epoxy resin, acrylic resin, as well as filling materials such as viscosifier, color paste and other materials.Curing agent is generally a single material, and the main agent according to the proportion of the mixture to trigger the polymerization reaction, so as to achieve curing.
AB glue has a wide range of applications in the field of industrial production, can play a role in fast bonding and fixing, and the bonding process will not appear white phenomenon.With excellent bonding strength, suitable for different materials bonding and fixing, AB glue at room temperature (25℃) can be in a few minutes to a few hours, can quickly positioning and bonding, so as to improve the production efficiency, with the progress of industrial production.
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