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Why should electronic yellow glue be packaged in metal container?

Electronic yellow glue is a single liquid type, viscous glue, because of the color of the glue is yellow, so the industry has been called UL glue or UL yellow glue, UL flame retardant yellow glue, yellow glue, electronic yellow glue and other names, can be divided into flame retardant electronic yellow glue and general electronic yellow glue, belongs to the solvent volatile glue.
We often see electronic yellow glue, electronic vinyl, red glue, screw fixator and other glues are generally packaged with metal containers, why this kind of glue to use metal packaging containers, yao energy company engineers tell you the answer.The most important reason is that this kind of glue belongs to solvent glue, which contains solvents, which are easy to volatilize.The sealing performance of metal packaging containers is much better than that of plastic, so the volatile amount of solvent will be much smaller, so in general, the packaging materials of solvent-based glue are metal containers.
So electronic cement, electronic vinyl, UL flame retardant cement this kind of glue can be packed in plastic containers, the answer is that if packed in plastic containers, so we from the packaging glue production, must use it within 7 days to 30 days to complete, or glue will thicken and harden, resulting in the use of glue and quality issues.
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