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What is screw fixing glue?What are the features?

Screw fixing glue, also called screw fixing agent, screw glue.It is mainly composed of vinyl acetate resin, thermoplastic resin and rubber solvent. It has good permeability and adhesion. It can be used for fastening screws, nuts, nuts, split pins and other parts.After the glue coating is dried, it has the properties of elasticity, shock resistance and impact resistance, and achieves the effect of anti-loosening, anti-rust and marking.Gummed screw has a strong anti-loosening effect, but easy to loosen.Can prevent screw rust and do not corrode metal or plastic decorative surface.Non-anaerobic type glue, aerobic and anaerobic conditions can be used, convenient and practical.The main colors of screw fixing glue are red, green and transparent.Single liquid type low viscosity glue, can be applied by hand or dispensed by machine, suitable for high efficiency production.

Screw fixing glue is widely used for the fixation of loose parts in audio-visual appliances, TV, audio and other household appliances, the fixation of screws and split pins of various recording machine movement and magnetic head, AM/FM stereo digital radio board, car audio, car CD, DVD, LED display parts, combined audio, digital power amplifier and other products.Electronic circuit board and housing screw fixation, all kinds of electronic products, such as adjustable parts of the fixed.Thread fastening for all kinds of electronic, electrical, aviation and vehicle industrial products.

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