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What are the brands of thermal silicone grease?Introduction of heat conduction silicone grease

Heat conduction silicone grease is also called heat dissipation paste, heat dissipation oil, heat conduction paste and silicone grease. It belongs to a paste composed of organosilicones and belongs to a kind of heat conduction interface material.With excellent thermal conductivity, electrical insulation and high and low temperature resistance and other characteristics, high stability, no curing at high temperature, maintain slurry, non-toxic, harmless to human body, good compatibility with plastic, metal and other materials, no corrosion, swelling phenomenon, low oil separation, can be safely used in electronic and electrical products.As the heat transfer medium of heating element and radiator, thermal conductive silicone grease can play the role of heat dissipation and filling.Effectively and persistently transfer heat.Thermal silicone grease can keep slurry for a long time, not solidified, not separated.Thermal silicone grease is non-viscous.If you need to have viscosity, you should use thermal conductivity silica gel, thermal conductivity silica gel has thermal conductivity and bonding performance at the same time.

Thermal grease is a kind of organic silicon material, the commonly used brand of thermal grease, imported brands are mainly Dow Corning, Shinetsu, 3M, etc., domestic brands are mainly Huitian, Kaffut, Yoneng and other brands.YaoNeng brand is the registered trademark of the State Trademark Office, with stable quality and complete qualifications.Yoneng thermal silicone grease packaging specifications are 1 kg/can, 300ml/ package, can also negotiate with the user packaging specifications.The shelf life of thermal conductive silicone grease is generally 1 year. It can be stored and ventilated in dry places, and kept away from fire sources and heat sources. It can be transported as general goods.

Thermal conductive silicone (cooling paste) used in a wide range products and: used for heating elements such as high power diode, triode, transistor, thyristor, power amplifier, IC, hair heat pipe with the radiator heat transfer medium, such as maximise the contact surface of heating elements and heat dissipation base material, reduce the working temperature of the heating element;Computer processor CPU, graphics card, LCD and PDP flat panel displays, thermistors, chips and chipsets;Heat conduction and heat transfer of automotive electronics, power modules and communication equipment;Microwave power supply, regulated power supply;LED lighting, LED lighting equipment, etc.

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