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What is the difference between thermal silicone grease and thermal silicone?

Thermal conductive silicone is also called heat paste, cooling oil, silicone grease, thermal paste, belonging to organic compound into a paste of silicon thermal conductive materials, has good thermal conductivity, environmental protection, tasteless, electrical insulation and the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, high stability, high temperature curing, slurry, do not contain toxic, harmless to human body, it has good compatibility with plastic, metal and other materials, no corrosion, swelling,Low oil separation, can be safely used in electronic and electrical products.As the heat transfer medium of heating element and radiator, thermal conductive silicone grease can play the role of heat dissipation and filling.Effectively and persistently transfer heat.Thermal silica gel is a kind of one-component, room-temperature curing silicone rubber. It is a thermal conductive material with adhesive properties. It is non-corrosive to metal and non-metal materials, high and low temperature resistance, insulation, shockproof and excellent thermal conductivity.So what is the difference between thermal silicone grease and thermal silicone?How to choose whether to use thermal silicone grease or thermal silicone?Yaoneng Company believes that the main differences between the two are as follows: thermal conductive silica gel is sticky, thermal silicone grease is not sticky;Thermal conductive silica gel is suitable for small area heat dissipation, thermal conductive silicone grease is suitable for medium and large surface coating foam, without waiting for dry solid, the use is more convenient and extensive;The removal of thermal conductive silica gel will be more complex, and the removal of thermal conductive silicone grease is simple and convenient.Thermal silica gel curing time is slow, the production process will be affected to some extent, thermal silicone grease for a long time to keep oily, time does not need to wait.
Thermal conductive silicone and thermal conductive silicone used in a wide range products and: can be used for heating elements, such as high power diode, triode, transistor, thyristor, power amplifier, IC, hair heat pipe with the radiator heat transfer medium, such as maximise the contact surface of heating elements and heat dissipation base material, reduce the working temperature of the heating element;Computer processor CPU, graphics card, LCD and PDP flat panel displays, thermistors, chips and chipsets;Heat conduction and heat transfer of automotive electronics, power modules and communication equipment;Microwave power supply, regulated power supply;LED lighting, LED lighting equipment, etc.
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