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Can the circuit board conformal coating prevent static electricity?

Shenzhen Yaoneng Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and selling all kinds of conformal coating for circuit boards, and provides customers with conformal coating products and use of the problem of service guidance, to provide a full range of conformal coating solution services.

The main role of conformal coating is insulation and waterproof, insulation strength is actually very large, and the surface of the paint film is hard or flexible insulator, not easy to produce static electricity, and will block the conduction of static electricity, so the circuit board conformal coating is completely anti-static.Conformal coating of circuit board is a good insulating material.

Yao can conformal coating is mainly used for all kinds of PCB protection, also commonly used in electronic components, IC chip, power equipment, household appliances, electric tools, safety products, LED products, new energy, precision instruments, such as protection of circuit board and equipment from the external environment, extend the service life of circuit board and the product,At the same time, improve the stability and safety of the product in the use process.

For more product and technical information of yaoneng conformal coating, please contact yaoneng company, or visit the official website of Shenzhen Yaoneng company, to provide you with professional and comprehensive technical support and product guidance of conformal coating and various kinds of glue.


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