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What brand does electronic yellow glue have? Brand introduction of electronic yellow rubber

Electronic yellow glue is a single liquid type, viscous glue, because its glue color is yellow, so the industry has always been called UL glue or UL yellow glue, UL flame retardant yellow glue, electronic yellow glue and other names, can be divided into flame retardant electronic yellow glue and general electronic yellow glue.

Electronic cement the brand can be divided into imported brand cement and homebred brand cement, imported brand cement mainly South Korea and Japan brand is given priority to, because the electronics industry in the developed countries started early, electronic products and technology have been as early as in the industry forefront, so the electronic cement has become the supporting materials development and widely application, The imported electronic rubber brands are mainly MAXBOND yellow rubber, Shimin Hard CEMEDINE, Japanese ThreeBond, SONY and other brands, and the domestic yellow rubber brands are mainly Calfter, Yaoneng, Baoyue and other brands. Yao neng brand is a registered trademark of the State Trademark Office, stable quality, complete qualifications. Many well-known manufacturers have chosen Yaoneng yellow rubber, and reached a long-term cooperation plan, the effect of replacing imported yellow rubber is also very good. The packing specifications of Yaoneng electronic rubber are 3kg/barrel, 100ml/ piece, or 300ml/ piece. The shelf life of electronic yellow glue is generally half a year, can be stored and ventilated dry place, and away from fire and heat source, transportation can be transported as general goods.

Electronic rubber, UL flame retardant rubber can be used for electronic products bonding, paste, insulation, positioning, reinforcement, etc. Good adhesion to plastics, wire, wood, glass, metal, leather, rubber, electronic parts, electronic components, circuit boards, semiconductor devices, ceramics. It is widely used for fixing loose parts in audio-visual appliances, loudspeakers, speakers, TELEVISIONS, monitors, audio and other household appliances. Bonding, positioning, filling, sealing, insulation, fixation and reinforcement of electronic industry components, semiconductor devices, resistors, capacitors, solder joints, wire ends, PCB circuit boards, wire coils and other components.


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