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Why do electronic products need to use thermal insulating silicone gaskets?

The main characteristics of Yaoneng thermal insulation silica gel gasket series products: insulation, heat dissipation, flame retardant, high temperature resistance.Transistors, chips, RDRAMTM, CD-ROM, CPUs and other products that need to be filled and cooled are used in general electronic products.

Yaoneng thermal conductive silicone piece on silica gel as the backing material, adding metal oxide and other auxiliary materials, through special process synthesis of a heat conduction medium material, also known as thermal conductive silicone gasket, thermal silica film, etc., are specially designed for use of gap heat transfer plan production, can fill the gap, complete the fever heat transfer between the parts and cooling parts,At the same time, it also plays the role of insulation, earthquake resistance, sealing and so on. It can meet the design requirements of equipment miniaturization and ultra-thin. It is a kind of electronic thermal conductivity filling material with great technology and usability, and its thickness and shape are applicable to a wide range.It is an ideal heat conduction material for consumer electronics and high-end electronic and electrical products.

This kind of thermal conductive material can be used to determine the thickness, color, shape, thermal conductivity, gum backing and other requirements of the gasket according to the requirements of the heating element or the product.It can be perfectly integrated with products.It is an important heat conduction product in the class of heat conduction interface management materials.Welcome to call and sample.


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