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Circuit board conformal coating classification

Conformal coating is a kind of auxiliary material widely used in electronics and lighting products at present. It has a very promising development prospect and a large market with strong demand. The majority of customers recognize that conformal coating products bring higher added value and product performance to their terminal products.

So do you know conformal coating? What are the types of conformal coatings? What is the classification standard of conformal coating? Yao neng engineers to analyze and answer these questions.

1, according to the main material of conformal coating to classify, can be divided into acrylic conformal coating, polyurethane conformal coating, silicone conformal coating, UV light curing and moisture dual curing conformal coating. This kind of standard is the main classification standard of conformal coating.

2, according to the method of use can be divided into brush coating conformal coating and spraying conformal coating, this classification method is mainly based on the viscosity index of conformal coating, high viscosity conformal coating is suitable for brush coating operation, low viscosity conformal coating is suitable for spraying operation.

3. According to the temperature resistance, it can be divided into high temperature conformal coating and general conformal coating. The general temperature range of high temperature conformal coating is -60~200 degrees, high temperature conformal coating is mainly silicone conformal coating. The temperature range of other conformal coatings is generally about -40~130 degrees. You can choose your own conformal coating according to the relevant requirements of the product.

4, according to the flame retardant standard can be divided into flame retardant conformal coating and non-flame retardant conformal coating. Flame retardant conformal coating flame retardant standard can reach UL94V0 standard. For some high-end, precision products and products with high temperature resistance requirements, it is recommended to use yaoneng silicone flame retardant conformal coating.

5, according to the classification of solvent containing, can be divided into solvent containing conformal coating and solvent free conformal coating, in general, solvent containing conformal coating will be more, solvent containing conformal coating adhesion will be higher, but the smell is slightly larger.

6. According to whether fluorescent indicator is contained in the component of conformal coating, conformal coating can be divided into products containing fluorescent conformal coating and products without fluorescent conformal coating. The conformal coating with fluorescent indicator is convenient to detect the conformal coating effect after brushing.

7. According to the odor size of conformal coating, it can be divided into odor conformal coating and low odor conformal coating. Electronic conformal coating absolute odorless conformal coating is not available, conformal coating after complete curing is odorless. In general, the smell of silicone conformal coating is low odor conformal coating.

8, according to the origin or brand classification, conformal coating can also be divided into imported conformal coating and domestic conformal coating two categories.

The above is the introduction of the relevant classification standards and methods of conformal coating by the engineers of Yaoneng Company. I hope it will be helpful to our customers when choosing and purchasing conformal coating. At the same time, we will have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of conformal coating, and deal with it calmly in the use and production process. Shenzhen Yaoneng technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the development and production of various kinds of circuit board conformal coating, can provide customers with free sample testing, product technical information, instead of imported conformal coating solution services. Yaoneng conformal coating strict selection of raw materials, stable quality, perfect service, and strive to provide customers with more and better high value-added conformal coating products and technical support.






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