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Why is there solvent in the ingredients of electronic gelatin?

Electronic yellow glue is a kind of single-component, viscous glue, because the color of the glue is yellow, so the industry has been called UL glue or UL yellow glue, UL flame retardant yellow glue, yellow glue, electronic yellow glue and other names, can be divided into flame retardant electronic yellow glue and general electronic yellow glue, belongs to the solvent volatile adhesive.

Electronic yellow glue in the process of use and storage, you may find such a problem, that is, yellow glue in the sealed case will slowly thicken, what is the reason, this situation is normal?Is there any solution?Yao neng company engineers to give you answers and analysis.

There are solvents in the components of e-yellow gum, so the general packaging container of e-yellow gum is metal container. The solvent in the packaging container of metal material is not volatile, and the shelf life of the product is long.So why the thickening of yellow gum?There are two main reasons and conditions for the thickening of e-yellow gum:

1, electronic cement without using or completely sealed issued - thick phenomenon, this kind of circumstance may be the glue for too long time, general store over 3 months, cement has thickened slightly, because the glue on the inside of the volatilization of solvent has a small part, at this time, should the impact is not big, suggest purchasing back cement had better within three months after use.

2. Electronic yellow glue thickens after opening the package. In this case, it is mainly caused by the failure to close or seal the glue bottle in time after opening the package.At this time, the solution is to use the yellow glue should be timely after the yellow glue bottle cap and seal.

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