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Three anti-glue is conformal coating?

What is the meaning of "three protection" of circuit board conformal coating? Only three defenses? In fact, the three anti-conformal coating only refers to the circuit board conformal coating protection among the three most important namely: waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-leakage, of course, the circuit board conformal coating has many protective effects, in fact, more close to the name should be "circuit board anti-paint". Conformal coating also has anti-mold, anti-salt spray, anti-dust, anti-friction, anti-vibration, high and low temperature resistance, anti-chemical environment, anti-oil and other functions. The above is the understanding and analysis of relevant concepts and characteristics of conformal coating by Shenzhen Yaoneng Technology XCMG. After the circuit board is coated with conformal coating, a dense protective film can be formed on the circuit surface to protect the circuit from adverse environmental effects. In order to improve the stability, safety and service life of products.

Conformal coating is a kind of auxiliary material widely used in electrical and electronic products and lighting products at present. It has a very promising development prospect and a large market with strong demand. The majority of customers recognize that conformal coating brings higher added value and product quality to their products.