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This section describes how to brush conformal coating for circuit board

Many customers in the manual coating circuit board conformal coating, due to improper operation method, resulting in conformal coating brush coating effect is not ideal. Basically behave in besmear brush to protect the shape coating is uneven, the surface is uneven, not beautiful, omission waits for a circumstance. For these cases, Yao Neng engineers tell you how to brush conformal coating? How thick brush? Brush a few times? What brush?

The first brush to be used should be a wool brush or brush (a brush must be used for small parts). After brushing, the brush should be cleaned and dried in time. If the residual shape preserving coating on the brush is too thick in the process of brushing the shape preserving coating, a new wool brush should be replaced in time. The thickness of conformal coating should be brushed according to the protection requirements of the product. The protection requirements can be thicker, and the protection requirements can be thinner. Under normal circumstances, the thickness of brush coating is 0.1-0.3mm. In general, the wool brush is brushed once or twice on the circuit board. The thickness can meet the requirements and the brush coating should be uniform. The specific situation can be determined according to the actual demand. Some small parts on the circuit board or places not brushed can be brushed and repaired with a brush brush.

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