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How to store conformal coating on circuit board?

YaoNeng conformal coating products are mainly divided into 4 categories, including Yao Neng acrylic conformal coating, Yao Neng polyurethane conformal coating, Yao Neng silicone conformal coating, Yao Neng UV conformal coating. Yao neng conformal coating product category is rich to meet the customers of conformal coating all-round requirements and selection. Conformal coating products are relatively low viscosity, good fluidity. They are generally packaged in metal containers, and many products are flammable. So conformal coating usually should how safe, standard storage?

1, conformal coating in storage should be away from fire and heat source, and avoid sunlight.

2. The staff should check the surrounding storage environment regularly and make relevant safety marks.

3, conformal coating storage yard should be equipped with qualified and enough fire extinguishers and safety protection equipment.

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